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Gravity, it's just a theory

by Conspiracy of One

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Gather round all ye faithful, this is no time to be on your own no longer bound by distance, now you can bring worship to your homes Maybe you're looking to fill your time, maybe you're looking to fill your soul even by yourself, you can assure you'll never have to feel alone Now part of this institution, you can't even imagine this world without it's taken all your friends, it's all they think, it's all they talk about Page by page, a coming of age, they won't change, this is how they want to be they're happy with the way they are, happy within their cage of complacency I don't need to "Like" you to like you... And I don't need to "Friend" you, to be a friend to you... But these little things, they were simple before, you'd better believe that they're not any more Yesterday's craze is essential today, if you don't give in, then you just might fade away... Gather round all ye faithful, it's time to burn them all at the stake these heretics are not like us, we'll burn them until their spirits break They might say, they've chosen this way, but these unbelievers do not speak the truth because if you don't believe, if you're not one of us, then there's something wrong with you I don't need to "Like" you to like you... And I don't need to "Friend" you, to be a friend to you... But these little things, they were simple before, you'd better believe that they're not any more Yesterday's craze is essential today, I don't want to give in, but I don't want to fade away... But this choice it kills me, do I follow without delay? Or do I keep off the wagon, and be left behind as it rolls away?
CDs, TVs and MP3s, they help to put your life at ease, but how many do we really need of these? Computers and telephones help us talk to the world so we don't feel alone, but we're as good as turned to stone [Mounds forming] In the mirror's the enemy, we know them all too well... We're living on the production line, where nobody can see the signs that their mind is oppressed, told to buy the best I refuse... But that's all that's in their eyes, only sign they see is to advertise they lust for the best, we're lost among the rest of the refuse... One or two million, or three or four, units churned out on the factory floor, when they sell, we'll just build more [and more, and more, and more] And they don't know it yet, but they need it, because we'll tell them so and [repeat] repeat it it's all about the dough-on't you see it? [Mountains forming] It's all made for, but at what cost to, the world that we live in, it's true that we have to want to change if we want to continue [Islands forming] In the mirror's the enemy, we know them all too well What is it now that you're trying to sell me? Don't tell me, don't tell me, no don't tell me about it...
I know you were young once, and you could get away with anything at all But those excuses that you made, well in this day and age, they will not help you anymore And now that you're older, you realise your history's mistakes That what you cause is affected by, your certainty that all is yours to take But now it's time you've got to... Stand tall... and reach for the sky If you come together you can get so high It's for your sons and daughters, and you know the reason why So you can look them in the eye, and tell them that you tried Engines burning, people climbing, the sky dividing as they all break away Never mind the price, the cost to all of us is so much greater if we stay Oh, some may dwell in apathy, some may disagree but I'll say I believe in you I know that you can do it, I know that you are strong, and that you can see it through Oh yeah you know you've got to... How much bigger can you grow? Just how much longer can you fit inside your home? You've overwhelmed and overflowed, and if you don't leave this dead-end town your seeds are sown And you keep digging just to feed these hunger pains, but when there is so much lost tell me what's the gain And we may never be the same, but now we may never be at all, and you'll be the one to blame, yes you'll be the one to blame unless you...   Stand tall... and reach for the sky There's nowhere left in this world, We need to get so... high And I know that we can make it, or at least together we can try together, together we can... Stand tall... and reach for the sky Yeah if we come together we can get so high It's for our sons and daughters, and we know the reason why It's so our sons and daughters, will look us in the eye, we've got to... Stand tall together... or we'll fall forever... and it's now or never...
We've been friends from the start, our parents they had so much trouble keeping us apart But now something's come between us, I don't know what to do, because this something, my friend, is killing you it's killing you... You were always the eager one, your motto said that you'd try anything twice It didn't really matter, as long as you were having fun, but then one day you found your vice, and it's killing you... it's killing you... Well this smoke I see, surely leads to fire and if you don't watch out, you're gonna get burned Burned by your desire, ohh... Why do you always fly so high? Do you do it just to feel the clouds pass you by? Does it make the clock turn faster, when you fill your time with laughter? Can it help you to forget that you're alone? As it's killing you... And I wish I knew the right words, to win this secret battle of yours There've been too many casualties already, you've gotta hold it steady because eventually you'll lose Don't you know this killing you, is killing me, no one else can see and you know that I can't live without you, I'm begging on my knees This beast that's in control of you, we've gotta break it's hold onto, break it's hold on you... So you can be free, just like you used to be...


Physical copies and other merch available via my website.

Themes: Social exclusion, fads and trends; modern attitudes toward technology and advertising; a tongue-in-cheek embrace of Intelligent Falling; an idealistic look at our future; addiction and its' impact.


released July 6, 2013


all rights reserved



Conspiracy of One Brisbane, Australia

A bit sciency. A bit funny.

Debut album 'Road to Reason' is out now!

Solo project of Brisbane/Meanjin-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & science comminucator Nate Eggins.

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