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Too Good to be True?

by Conspiracy of One

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I'm makin' steak 'n' bacon, I hate the time it's takin', waiting for it all just to get in my mouth. It's our instinct to feast, although it took at least, two hundred thousand years just to figure it out. You know I love you so, but I will eat you whole, if you get between me and the foods that I love. Though it might be insane, it's easy to explain, how too much of a good thing, still isn't enough. It doesn't matter if you fly, or run, or fall. It doesn't matter if you climb, or swim, or crawl. It doesn't matter if I should. I'm gonna eat you if you taste good, I'm gonna eat you if you taste good. We are the king and queen, the best food you've ever seen, is crowded off the table making mountains on the floor. And just like the old royals, now everything is spoiled from, abundance of choice and redundancy galore [redundancy galore]. Don't worry about disease, don't think about calories, just open up your maw and hope your gag reflex is low. Fill up at the banquet hall, a quick trip to the room next door, then you're back again my friend and ready to go. [Om, nom nom] Forget all the homeless poor, forget all the millions more, who see less in a week than what we throw out in a day. As long as your family's fed, as long as you're ahead, why even waste your time in trying to find another way. 'cause, We hunger for the taste, they'd settle for the waste but, there's an easy way to think to make everything ok.
Come and fly with me, no one says you can't, it's just a theory, that gravity, will knock you on your arse. Oh, those Newtonists will call you wrong, but it don't really matter what they say, just let go of your disbelief, then you and me, we can just float away. If you [wish/want it/pray] hard enough. His hand will lift you up, so you can, FLY... away with me. Forget the facts, you can do it if you just believe, so come and, FLY... from tree to tree. Just take that burden off your mind and you will find, that you will be free. Now if knowledge is a burden and believing science that just hurts your mind, just come and fly like a bird and you'll be leaving all that worries you behind. You can come and join us any time, there'll be no worry, and there'll be no wait/weight, and we'll have our party in the clouds, we'll laugh and drink and dance and celebrate.
So you want to be together, bonded forever, that's ok. For that you don't need many things, a piece of paper, any rings, and you're on your way. But then, Dress, suit, slaves, shoes, bling, cars, art, booze, and a cake a thousand miles high. An over indulgent endeavour, in debt forever, and never stop to ask why. Oh why do I. You're stuck up on your pedestal, you plan out all the fun. You're stuck so high up you can see the sun You've got more than enough fancy food, to feed the army you'd otherwise ignore. An audience to your excellence, to prove you're better, it's what they're all here for. No faults, no flaws, all praise is yours, narcissistic overdrive. But this mountain from a molehill, will all fall down, to bury you alive. You won't survive. [So high up you can see the sun] More than a mortgage payment's worth to be down paid. More than an island nation's worth in global trade. More than a Hollywood movie's worth to be made. But not more than our time is worth I'm afraid. You may think that you're the better man, you may think that you have won. But you're just a mole, up your own arsehole, so far up, you're staring at the sun.
So, maybe you're bored, want something more, or just a little stressed, you want an object, who won't object, question or protest. An itch to scratch, you drop the latch, to window shop and play, you know it's wrong, it don't belong, but you can't look away. Here it comes again, the urge to look into those tender eyes. But it's just the action that you're looking for, the satisfaction as you tenderise. And you can't stop watching. Sexy people, doing things to sexy people, you know it's wrong but it feels so right, and these. Sexy people, doing things to sexy people, they'll make you, they'll break you, they'll take your soul tonight. Dolls in a line, endless supply, despondent and disposable, no self respect, when you expect, if she says no, three more won't. With none to say, it's not that way, in reality, the bar is set, in hearts and heads, becomes the way to be. So this is the rule we've got, it's not cool, but still hot, and we'll drool, we can't not. And whether you buy or sell, like Orwell, there'll always be someone to watch. Sexy people, doing things to sexy people, you know it's wrong but it feels so right, and these. Sexy people, doing things to sexy people, they'll make you, they'll break you, they'll take your soul Sexy people, doing things to sexy people, the angel on your shoulder yelling no, no, no, and these. Sexy people, doing things to sexy people, they'll make you, they'll break you, they'll take your soul tonight.
[Would I lie to you?] Do you want mountains of riches to behold? [Yeah!] Endless easy money? A bottomless pot of gold? [Hell yeah!] I'd say you're in good company, and you're smart enough to see, the sure thing this will be. A fantastic opportunity, is what I'm offering, this ain't a tomb in Giza, don't worry 'bout a thing, just sit back and relax, and you'll see your profits fly, you're stupid not to try. Sign up forty friends and you'll be rich, I guarantee. But first give your money to me. It's a laughing matter, them buying what you sell, just tell them what they want to hear and they're under your spell. There's one born every minute, taking what you say as true, so tell me. Would I lie to you? [Would I lie to you?] Do you want a fast and easy way to lose weight? [Yeah!] The path of least resistance? To look and feel great? [Hell yeah!] Our product made from everything that's good for you this week, delivers perfect physique. The ingredients are secret, magical and rare, they'll remove those nasty toxins, you didn't know were there, the more that you believe, the more results you'll get, the more you won't regret. All natural and organic, chemical and gluten free. But first give your money to me. Do you want free energy, until the end of days? [Yeah!] To run your car on water? Or absorb those harmful rays? [What?!] A device of my own making, fit for all with open minds, will leave your fears behind. I'll explain how it reads auras, or cures all disease, with lots of long and sciency words to put your mind at ease, and shining testimonials, of all those who agreed, that's all the proof you need. My incredible invention, will change the world, you'll see. But first give your money to me. Give your money for free.


Physical copies (which includes extras) and other merch available via my website.

Themes: Attitudes toward food from a “first world” perspective; a tongue-in-cheek embrace of Intelligent Falling; critique of overly extravagant weddings and the industry who encourage it; pornography; con artists, charlatans and their prey.


released October 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Conspiracy of One Brisbane, Australia

A bit sciency. A bit funny.

Debut album 'Road to Reason' is out now!

Solo project of Brisbane/Meanjin-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & science comminucator Nate Eggins.

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